On Tuesday we stayed at home and went to the pool. Then it was getting dark so we went to a Japanese place to have dinner. I liked the dumplings.


Then we went next door to an Asian dessert place and had chocolate ice dessert. It was weird but yummy.


Then we walked home. Just before we got home we went to 7/11 and I got a lemonade and Dad and Rachael got four beers and we went up to where the pool is because we thought it would be open and we could go and have a drink near the pool and it was closed, so we sat out next to it and played Uno.

On Wednesday Daddy and I went to the post office to post stuff home and while we were doing that, Rachael was booking a going away brunch for Sunday. Then we met up and went to the Science Museum. It was good and my favourite part was the hall of mirrors.









Then we went to The Backyard at the Langham Hotel and had pizza for dinner. The restaurant was outdoors on the roof of the building and it had trees and plants and lots of little ponds. The pizza was really good.


After we finished we walked home and went to bed.